At the Park

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Luke and Ryan at park

This is my boy walking at his favorite park, the only park within 30 minutes of our home that has accessible playground equipment for handicapped kids like Lucas.

I’d love to be able to bring our kids to the neighborhood park 10 minutes away – Lord knows it would be so much easier to have a 10 mile drive with a restless crew- but we don’t because it lacks in basic accessibility options for Luke. There are ropes and bars to climb but no wide steps with hand rails to give him the feeling of security he needs. There are slippery, hot, metal slides which lack in high ledges – again a security issue. Kids like Lucas like their normal – whatever that is for each individual child, and they usually require a feeling of security.

This is one area that The Lucas Project will seek to improve on for handicapped kids living in rural environments. Please, if you can give even a little bit, it all helps.


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