We provide recognition, respite and resources to family caregivers of  those with special needs.

Chances are, you know a parent caregiver.

16.3 million

People in the U.S. are a caregiver to a child with special needs

That number is staggering and also a wake up call.  Most of us know of someone who is caring for a child with special needs and if you don’t personally know of someone, you can be assured that they are in your neighborhood; probably hiding behind closed doors isolated and exhausted.

Caregivers often project the perception that “everything is okay,” when in fact, it probably is not okay and they would so appreciate having someone reach out and lend a hand.  It is our job as a society to surround these caregivers and support them through the difficult times, because a child is only as healthy as the caregiver, and society is only as healthy as the families within it. At The Lucas Project, we care for the caregivers.

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Are you a parent caregiver who longs for a one stop shop when it comes to navigating the in’s and out’s of resource, and support for you and your loved one?  Check out our brand new caregiver resource database which features over 300 nationwide resources, and we add to it weekly! 


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