We support caregivers by providing recognition, respite and residential support.

We believe that society is full of compassionate and kind individuals who want to help caregivers; however, if they don’t know what our needs are, they can’t help. Recognition is the first hurdle, and the second involves providing tangible relief for the families through respite options.

How We Provide Residential Support

Hope Farm

Hope Farm is a housing initiative for disabled individuals in Michigan. Follow along with our progress on Instagram and Facebook.

How We Provide Respite

The Lucas Project is redefining respite for special needs caregivers.

Care Packages

We offer a bit of in-home respite to caregivers through our care packages, which are simply small tokens of appreciation. These care packages include spa items, gourmet coffees and teas, and simple gifts that acknowledge the hard and holy work that occurs within caregiving homes around the country.

I.See.U. Gift Bags

Hidden within the walls of ICU wards around the country are exhausted caregivers who refuse to leave their medically fragile child’s side. We show up to brighten their day by offering a luxury gift bag — an “I SEE U” gift that will provide encouragement and strength to face another day.

Bring The Lucas Project to your Special Ed classroom!

If you’re in the west Michigan area, we would love to come and make care packages with your students to bring home to their caregivers.

Get in touch or email [email protected] to learn more.


Respite Wish Lists

Caregivers often feel unseen, and small gestures — such as a sending a gift card — can make a huge difference in their wellbeing. Our Respite Wish List program connects you with an opportunity to bless a caregiver directly.

Grant icon

Respite Grants

There are deserving communities around the nation that would love to start a respite chapter, if only… and that “if only” is usually related to financing. We would love to help with that obstacle! We offer $1,000 start-up grants to communities who not only demonstrate a need but also demonstrate a passion for helping special needs families. Apply for a grant.

How We Provide Recognition

Coffee with Caregivers Podcast

Join Jess Ronne, author, speaker, and caregiver advocate, as she chats with caregivers about the joys and trials of raising a child with complex needs.

“Unseen” Documentary Project

The Lucas Project is sponsoring the production of an independent documentary about the hidden mental health crisis among special needs caregivers. The film will feature the Ronne family and their ongoing struggle to find resources and support while battling feelings of PTSD and overwhelming anxiety.

Jess Ronne headshot

Speaking Engagements

Jess Ronne, founder & CEO of The Lucas Project, is available for speaking engagements on topics including: blended family, special needs, caregiving awareness, death, grief, large families, motherhood, healthy living, abortion, balancing work and family, hope, and faith. Contact us for details and booking.

“Caregiver’s Cove” Database

Caregiver’s Cove” is a private support group where caregivers can find a safe place to connect with other caregivers. Our motto is “the child is only as healthy as the caregiver” and our mission is to come together to make the world a brighter, healthier place for all.

We need your support to continue our mission to support special needs families. Will you help?