Find support in Caregiver’s Cove.

Caregivers Cove is a private group where caregivers can find a safe place to connect with other caregivers.

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About Caregiver’s Cove

Join Jess Ronne, CEO & Founder of The Lucas Project, in Caregiver’s Cove. Our motto is “the child is only as healthy as the caregiver” and our mission is to come together to make the world a brighter, healthier place for all.

We offer community, caregiver tips, respite, resources, informative videos, caregiver books, recipes, encouragement, meetups, support, and financial support for those struggling.

How It works

The group is hosted in an Elea village, an online discussion forum.

The cost is $5/month, and every dime goes to fulfilling The Lucas Project’s mission to support caregivers.

When you make your payment to join, you’ll receive an email receipt from Stripe, which includes your link to access the community.


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