The Help Isn’t Coming

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There will be times on this journey where you scream, cry & use colorful language.

That was today.

To be a fly on our wall when I am on the phone.

When the screaming comes to an end.

When the tears stop falling down your face.

When you are able to take a breath and not explode.

You will get back up , dust yourself off & fight again for the child you have that needs more in a world that wasn’t built for him.

Today was unexpected and highly disappointing.

Today left me shocked & completely gutted.

Today the health care system officially failed us.

Today the health care system made it known our child does not matter & his well being holds no value.

My mama heart is breaking.

My mama heart is in unbearable pain.

If you are reading this & wondering what happened.

Let’s just say it went a little like this.

” You have made it this far without your son being on medication, I am sure you are managing just fine. I highly doubt he struggles that much with sleep .”

Let me tell you this my friends, Saskatchewan health care system will be the reason our family doesn’t make it.

Every single day I wonder will this be the day our life shatters & if it does, how many times does that need to happen before we can’t put it back together again.

The help isn’t coming.

The support isn’t coming.

The people who are supposed to be in our corner are turning a blind eye to what we are experiencing.

Today was the day I screamed, cried & used all the colorful language.

Tomorrow is when I pick myself back up and fight for our son who deserves all the help and support he needs.

This post was shared with permission from the blog A Journey for Avery. You can follow along with their family on Facebook here.


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