Coffee with Caregivers Podcast

Join Jess Ronne, author, speaker, and caregiver advocate as she chats with caregivers about the joys and trials of raising a child with complex needs.

Coffee with Caregivers Podcast hosted by Jess Ronne

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Meet Our Host

Jess Ronne is the founder and executive director of The Lucas Project—a non-profit which provides recognition, resources, and respite for special needs families. She and her husband Ryan live in Michigan with their 8 children, including their son Lucas who has profound special needs. Her story of beauty from ashes is detailed in her memoir Sunlight Burning at Midnight. To follow the ongoing saga, she can be found at

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Over 250+ caregivers pause for coffee and conversation each month because they trust Jess Ronne, and they love the community she has built. The sponsors featured on Coffee with Caregivers are personally selected by Jess Ronne and the leadership of The Lucas Project. The loyalty of the audience and their trust of Jess’ recommendations narrow the field as we seek to work with partner who:

  • Understand and support the caregiver community.
  • Are passionate about being part of a rising tide movement to advocate for caregivers.
  • Want to support the work of The Lucas Project with their investment.

Reach out to [email protected] to discuss sponsor opportunities.