Bailey Nelson

West Lafayette, IN

"Thank you so much for choosing our family to participate in this respite opportunity!"

Nelson family

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Get to Know Bailey

My husband, Andy, and I live in Indiana and we have three amazing kiddos. Our oldest, Brinkley (10), has a genetic condition called Williams Syndrome. She is an amazing, spirited young lady but she also has many challenges.

One of the most tiring challenges we have faced with Brinkley is her need to please and how outgoing she is. Many people with Williams Syndrome have no such thing as stranger danger. The second you smile at Brinkley, her brain says it knows you and you are best friends. While this quality can be quite endearing, it also leads children and adults with WS alike to be taken  advantage of.

When most of her peers are trusted to stay home by themselves, Brinkley requires constant supervision. Most of our time is spent ensuring we have line of sight on Brinkley. Not only is she very friendly, but she is also very impulsive.  This adds to her need for constant supervision.

Brinkley’s lack of inhibition brings so much joy to our lives (she once jumped on stage with no hesitation, grabbed the microphone, and belted out Let it Go in front of hundreds), at times it can be exhausting. We are so excited at the chance for a small respite for ourselves and possibly our other 2 amazing kiddos. If you’d like to read more about Brinkley, you can visit my blog, Windmills~Tulips~and~Rembrandts.

Favorite Respite Activities

A quiet coffee date with my husband. Walking around downtown. Going out to dinner or a comedy club.