Heather Trammell

Springfield, Virginia

"Thank you! I am so honored to have been selected."

Trammell family

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Get to Know Heather

We are the Trammell family! Scott, Heather, Beth (19 yrs) and Marie (16 yrs). We live in Northern Virginia.

Beth has Down syndrome. Her developmental delays are significant and she needs quite a bit of support with daily living. She had a steep developmental regression when she was about 9 years old and lost a lot of skills at that time. No cause was ever identified. Adulthood is HERE and we are looking to a future of providing her the support she needs.

Marie was diagnosed with Autism 1 when she was 10 years old. We all have been slowly learning what supports she needs as she navigates high school and the transition to adulthood. She struggles with limited self-confidence and anxiety on a daily basis and thus so do we as we support her.

Favorite Respite Activities

When I have the opportunity to take a break from my caregiving, I do! It’s like being in your favorite chair reading a book and the sun slowly goes down but you’re so into your book that you don’t notice…until someone turns on a light. You just didn’t know how dark it was until that moment. That’s what it’s like for me when I get to take a break. I notice it especially when it comes to time. When I’m on duty with my family, I watch the clock: who needs to eat, who needs medication, who needs a bathroom break, who has been on the computer for long enough. But when I get a break, I realize how the passing of time is so different.