Try Harder

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As written by Paige Carter from her blog @OakforAutism

“Can’t you try harder?”

These words were said to me by a nurse last Wednesday whilst trying to get my son to take a disgusting sedative medicine.

They have angered me ever since.

As parents of children with autism we try our very hardest every second of everyday. Studies have shown somethings we go through have similar stress rates to soldiers at war.

A nurse should know better then to say to this any parent. Especially to a mum who is their for an EEG which is going to tell our family if our child has epilepsy.

A life long diagnosis.

But can’t you try harder?

I have had it with our medical system.

To this rude and horrible nurse who made us feel like an inconvenience all day – Can’t you try harder to support parents and their children?

Can’t you try harder to show compassion during an obviously difficult time?

Can’t you try harder to make families feel welcome on your ward?

Can’t you try harder for children with disabilities who already struggle?

Can’t you try harder to understand diagnosis’ and the pain and turmoil they bring to a family?

Can’t you try harder to make your ward an inclusive place?

No? Obviously not.

Well, let me tell you lady…. Special needs families try our damn hardest every single day.

Special needs families battle things everyday that you probably couldn’t even imagine.

Special needs families put up with people just like you far to often.

Special needs families have had enough of rude, inconsiderate people just like you.

Special needs families wish YOU would try harder!!!!


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